About Us

FlipHostz has entered the web-hosting arena to enable a transparent pricing awareness solution to consumers. Being aware of the true cost of domains and hosting element is critical for an individual or a business to set its plan in motion and budget accordingly.

It is seen that there is a significant increase in the abandonment of domain names and webhosts due to shocking renewal rates of 100% and compulsory registration for more than 1 year due to unethical marketing practices.

Adopting some of the key quality technology partnerships to set forth a difference and encouraged by the positive response, We believe in the human touch to e-commerce solutions.

Bringing over the experience of being in this business since 1999, we employ utilization of resources in countries around the world to be truly global.

FlipHostz has enabled payment solutions in local currencies to further protect their consumers from foreign exchange charges in key markets.

It is the vision that We can enable the lowering of costs in the long run with this strategy and thus being able to pass this benefit to our ever growing user base.

All our Customers have access to 24/7 dedicated phone support lines in more than 12 countries to enable quick resolution of issues. We also have support lines on email and social networks.

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