Search for your .ORG now .ORG is one of the well known top level domain extension derived from the term 'organization'. Although originally intended for non-commercial, it has been used by the general public.  The domain is mostly used by nonprofit organizations, open-source projects and informational websites. The domain extension […]

.ORG – The Domain Name for Organizations

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Price $16.99 Search for your.NET domain name The .NET domain extension is a top level domain name in use since 1985 to distinguish internet and technology related websites. It initially represented organizations that provided various network services and ISPs. But it is now preferred by the general public second in […]

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Price $10.99 Enter your .COM here The .COM domain name extension is one of the most recognized top level domain(TLD) extension in use by Internet consumers. The domain derives its name from the word commercial as it was originally intended for commercial organizations though such intent was lost when open […]

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The Little Known Facts About Domain Names First Registered Domain Name was the first domain name registered on March 15, 1985. It was purchased by Symbolics Computer Corporation for their computer development company. Free Domain Names  Domain Names were free till 1995 after which they were priced at $100 .This […]

Interesting Domain Name Facts

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