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The .NET domain extension is a top level domain name in use since 1985 to distinguish internet and technology related websites. It initially represented organizations that provided various network services and ISPs. But it is now preferred by the general public second in preference to .com. Most organizations usually reserve the .net in addition to the .com to protect their brands and trademarks.

It is derived from the term 'network'.

If you own the .COM – you should also get the .NET!

Features of .NET

  • Recognized easily by people across the world and remembered
  • Usually represents any business that provides web or any technological services.
  • It can be used to promote brand recognition in the whole world.
  •  Preventing cyber squatters from illegally proclaiming brands as their own, these are usually pre-reserved.
  •  Currently the 4th most used domain extension after .com , .de and .tk
  •  It is one of the original top-level domains (the other six being com, us, edu, gov, mil, and org) despite not being mentioned in RFC 920, having been created in January 1985.

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.NET domains also include an additional annual ICANN fee of $0.18. ICANN is the regulator of the domain name industry.

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